Please Stop Worshipping the Divas

My friend, my brother,

Let’s be honest.

These divas you’re giving your time, attention and affection to on the various platforms through which you worship them, is a waste of your time and life.

Some questions to consider:

Do you really think that’s what she looks like?

Do you mean what you’re typing? No bullshit?

Do you think she’s waiting for your comment?

Do you hope that she will see you, pick you, and give up all this attention she is vying for every day in exchange for your exclusive attention?

Do you even know how to give one female your attention?

Do you think it will be worth it? The time, money, travel, and whatever else; is it really going to be worth it? Is she going to make you a man?

When you play out the most ideal scenario in your mind, do you believe it leads you to a place of perfect satisfaction? Or will you be liking other females’ photos the very next morning as you get out of her bed?

Do you think I’ll be impressed? Do you think anyone cares, or anyone other than boys will envy you?

Do you have nothing better to do?

Do you even know who you are?


Our Father, who art in Heaven, says that you are His. You are a prince in his kingdom; a warrior in his army. And you are wasting your life gawking after things that don’t exist and will only drain you.

So please, stop worshipping the divas. It’s not good for them or for you. If you need a woman that bad, ask your pastor. Go chill at the library. But please, stop drooling, start reading, and keep praying.