The Purpose of this Site


The purpose of these writings, and all things, is to glorify God.

This site exists to proclaim what God has said to be true, and to serve as an expression of obedience to the Great Commission, directing that followers of Christ are to make followers of Christ, insofar as we are able to with the help of the Holy Spirit, by the power of risen Son, in accordance with that which the Father has preordained.

More specifically, this digital location exists in order to encourage and equip men to focus their lives and attentions unto Christ, that we would receive his grace, do his work, and obey his commands.


No one can know all things. No one can interpret perfectly or speak with more wisdom than the Lord would provide. But we do have to live, and in order to live we must believe something. We will unavoidably have faith in something, be it ourselves or something outside of ourselves.

By faith through grace, the focus of man ought to be upon God. It is to my personal shame that I admit that my life has not often been so disciplined. It is unfortunately very possible for a man to say, and even believe, that he truly believes something, even when his actions and choices indicate otherwise.

Maybe then it is mostly for my own sake that I write, so that my attention might be more often rightly focused. I am not qualified to teach, but maybe I can relay what is good and true, and in so doing benefit both you and myself. And should God reveal to you something scripturally supported, I hope you will also relay it to others, for their benefit and your own.

Forgive me. I am neither a seminary professor nor an apostle. I’m not a pastor, and I’m not a perfectly obedient Christian. But by the grace of God, I am what I am, and I hope that God’s grace upon me is not in vain.


There is much to be read, watched, and listened to throughout the internet. This site does not exist to offer Christ in a fresh or especially man-friendly kind of way. The last thing Christ needs is a new marketing manager. Rather, this site exists only to serve as a tool to whomever would find it useful in seeking after and holding fast to Christ. There are many other tools. Many of them are better. This is the one I have made. I hope it helps.