If she ignores me and hates her mother;
and if she gets in trouble at school and skips class;
and if she screams and whines and complains;
and if she gets tattooed, pierced and dyed;
and if she runs off with a motorcycle boy
who she marries, divorces and parents a child with;
if she’s gay or decides she doesn’t want to be a she;
when she’s expensive;
if she joins the Marine Corps;
if she marries a POG;
if she leads the liberal movement;
if she becomes an Instagram diva,
cuts her shorts to half-ass level
and wears a napkin to school;
I may not approve and I’ll not likely sit passively by,
but I will love and accept her no less,
and I will continue to pray as I do that God calls her
and she answers Him,
not merely so that she behave,
but so that she believe.

If she knows only a few things
may they be that Dad loves her,
God loves her more,
and that it’s not all about her
or me or Mom or any one else.
I shall love and accept her just as she is and as she ever may be,

because she is mine.

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