‘Instavangelists’ Are Making Disciples. Are You?

In a recent New York Times opinion piece, Leigh Stein, a non-religious millennial, asks this insightful question: “How did Instagrammers become [millennials’] moral authorities?” As social-media celebrities and influencers connect online with millennials searching for hope, they easily become quasi-spiritual leaders. Stein calls them “Instavangelists” because they use social-media platforms like Instagram to pedal their…‘Instavangelists’ … Continue reading ‘Instavangelists’ Are Making Disciples. Are You?


For you, oh child, I weep and pray, With you I wish I could again laugh and play, But for now may we both sleep sound tonight, Knowing that someday all will be made right, Not likely as soon as we may like, And not likely in the way we may foresee, But in His … Continue reading Again